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2020.09.28 Sustainability

Chugai Pharma Taiwan puts high emphasis on ecological marine environment by beach cleanup

According to statistics, in recent years, there are about 800 tons of garbage have flown into the ocean every year. Marine pollution is a common challenge that the whole world is facing. Many companies and environmental groups have begun to take actions for beach cleanup activities, and Chugai Pharma Taiwan is no exception. Recently, CPT continued to pay attention to environmental sustainability issues and held many meaningful charity activities. On September 19, 2020, CPT headed to Tainan Taijiang National Park for a two-day beach cleanup family day, which manifested our high emphasis on the ecological marine environment.
This time, nearly 80 CPT employees and their families participated in this activity. Everyone brought their own eco-friendly water bottles throughout the event to reduce disposable plastic usage. On that day, there was a training course given by the professional volunteers to everyone, which promoted the meaning of beach cleanup activities and revealed past statistics. The beach cleanup event followed the "ICC International Beach Cleanup Code of Practice" to classify the types of garbage so that participating volunteers can have a deeper understanding of marine pollution source.

At that time, all volunteers were divided into 8 groups. Some were responsible for recording the classification table, and some received a mysterious task of a specific topic. Everyone was sweating all over from the burning sun and hard work, but still had a smile on his/her face. With efficient teamwork and determination to achieve missions, this time, a total of 200 kg of marine debris was removed!
At the end of the event, after classification, it was found that "plastics" account for the largest proportion of marine pollutants, followed by disposable tableware, styrofoam, glass, cigarette butts. The professional volunteers guided everyone to reflect on the truth "if the most commonly used plastic bags and products in daily life are not handled in the correct way or the usage amount is not reduced, plastic waste will be the biggest problem of environmental damage!"

Through this meaningful beach cleanup activity, CPT raised the awareness of environmental protection, paid more attention to the ecological crisis caused by marine pollution, and implemented the possibility of reducing marine pollution from all aspects of life. By taking practical actions, they hope that the concept of environmental protection could affect more people, inspire everyone in caring for the ocean, and give the coastal creatures a beautiful habitat simultaneously!