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2020.04.22 Sustainability

World Earth Day Special Issue: Chugai Pharma Taiwan adopts eco-friendly initiatives to protect the Earth

Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT), as a subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has been devoting to healthcare quality improvement and the Earth protection for 32 years. To cut carbon emission, curb global warming, and protect the coastline, “Treat 1 Patient, Grow 1 Tree” is the concrete action that CPT commits to take constantly.

2020 is the year of World Earth Day 50th anniversary. In reaction to the call on for raising 3 Billion acts of green worldwide, Taiwan carries out global mission with the goal of "Millions of acts of green." This year, CPT donated 1,000 tree planting funds to the Tse-Xin Organic Foundation. Also, on 11th April 2020, CPT held a tree planting family activity at Zhongjiao Bay, located in Jinshan Dist. New Taipei City in order to reduce air pollution reduction (SDGs#13 Climate Action), and support afforestation and soil and water conservation (SDGs#15 Life on land). “Through the adoption of tree planting activity, CPT aims to improve the quality of the air, store more water in the soil, slow down coastline retreat, and reduce the heat island effect,” said by Henry Chen, President of Chugai Pharma Taiwan.

On October 14, 2017, CPT sponsored ‘2017 AMEA Clean Beach Carnival’ held by National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST) and Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA). CPT employees dedicated themselves to beach cleanup and raise awareness on caring for Earth and the ocean.

Furthermore, on October 20, 2018, CPT headed to Xiao Liu Qiu Island for a 2-day beach cleanup family activity in order to save the ocean. Xiao Liu Qiu is the only coral island of six Taiwan’s offshore islands, which is also a great habitat for green sea turtle. CPT employees and their families picked up rubbish to reduce marine pollution, and brought their own eco-friendly tableware and water bottles to reduce disposable plastic usage. CPT also made customized medical-grade TPE stainless steel straw sets for all employees and their family members participating the meaningful activity. Hoped to not only expand a rippling effect of earth protection within everyone’s minds, but also keep taking actions in their daily lives.

Susan Chou, HR Director of Chugai Pharma Taiwan, mentioned that the ecosystem is gradually being damaged due to the exotic plants such as tradescantia fluminensis in Yang-Ming Mountain. On August 17, 2019, CPT head to Yang-Ming Mountain for a 1-day ecological education and family activity removing the exotic species. All participants were requested to bring own kettle, environmentally friendly tableware, and raincoat in order to ensure the activity won’t bring more trashes to the mountain. In addition, it is worth mentioning that CPT invited a special guest, Rina, an intern student from Hokkaido University. Getting involved to the environmental protection event, she gained not only experience of Chugai culture but an awesome opportunity to understand the beauty of Taiwan Island.

Alongside all initiatives above, CPT also took part in ‘Sidewalk Tree Adoption by Corporate’ activity, promoting by Taipei City Government. CPT showed concern about environmental protection by cooperating with a planting expert to evaluate soil condition, grow flowers and grasses, and furnish night light. It created a green landscape in Taipei City, boosted good moods for passengers, and increased pedestrian safety at night simultaneously.

YouTube《2020 CPT Tree Planting & Family Day (台灣中外製藥)》